Broken glasses? We can help! We encourage you to bring in the eyeglasses for our opticians to assess the issue and determine what we can do to help.



Often prescription eyewear can be repaired.  We can replace small broken parts on wire or plastic frames such as temples, nose pads and screws. If a screw is broken off inside a barrel, it may be able to be hand-drilled out, then replaced with a new screw and bolt. On rimless glasses we can replace broken bridges or end pieces. On semi-rimless frames often the wire breaks, that’s an easy fix usually while you wait.  If the frame needs soldered back together, we will send it out to a local lab; this usually takes 3 business days.

Unfortunately not all broken eyewear is repairable. If that’s the case, we can usually find a replacement frame to put your lenses into while you wait. (The cost varies depending on style and size.)

If it turns out that the glasses look broken but are simply in need of serious adjusting, we do this while you wait for no charge.

Need help finding the perfect eyeglass frame, eye exams or getting a difficult prescription filled? We can help!